01 Jan

My first resolution is to lose weight, I’ve tried before and was quite successful but stress and cakes have been my downfall. I have a plan now and I know my triggers. 

I’m going to follow the keto diet which I found easy to follow and I felt great on it. I’ve got lots of exercise stuff around my house and I have some great places to walk right outside my gate. (follow me on tiltok @vcraftscrochet8 to see where I go)

My next plan is to build my craft empire. I have lots of craft interests, the crochet mainly.

I plan to make some crochet kits with all you need to make a hat. I'm also working on some tutorials to make the hat and my Leggy frogs.

I have started decluttering my house. There is a long way to go.

And finally self care. I have started doing more videos, TikTok’s etc so I want to look good. I put my make up on to go out to markets and if I go to the pub but not at home. I’m not saying a full face of make up but my eyebrows need some work and my skin care routine has been revised.

I’d love to embrace the grey hair but I also love colour on my hair, let’s see where this goes.

My mental state is pretty good I think. I have an amazing family, a diet and fitness plan in place, I’m hoping to conquer the work stuff and I’m a crafter what more could I wish for.

I’m going to hold myself accountable for my actions but not punish myself for my failures. I am not going to stress the small stuff, and I’m going to sing and dance without a care in the world.

Oh and I’m going to carry on being kind.

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